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Acne Statistics – The Staggering Truth

Acne Statistics Overview

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Acne is arguably the most common skin disease in America.
It can affect people of all ages but is most prevalent in teenagers and adolescents, it is just as likely to occur in males or females irrespective of ethnic origin.
There may be a variety of causes but acne is most commonly linked to times of hormonal change within the body, explaining why it prevails in teenagers, pregnancy, during menstrual cycles and the menopause, the latter three probably accounting for the fact that more females than males suffer from the condition.
Despite its somewhat persistent nature, acne is can almost always be treated successfully.

Causes of acne may include one or several of the following factors:

Hormone fluctuations
Prescription Drugs
Certain cosmetics (Acne cosmetica)
Physical irritation
Environmental factors

Of the 85% of teenagers (between the ages of 12 and 24) that suffer from acne, over a quarter will suffer from some form of permanent scar and tissue damage.

The current US population in 2011 is around: 311,800,000 making it the world’s third largest.

Some official statistics from the American Dermatological Association

Over 19.24% of the entire population, around 60 million Americans, are acne sufferers

20 million sufferers have moderate to severe acne that can lead to permanent scarring

20% of all adults have ongoing acne

Only around 6.6 million or 11% of acne sufferers seek help

11% will consult a doctor

20% will visit a skin care clinic

30% will use a remedy from a pharmacy

Over 40% will do nothing

This is a staggering statistic, 24 million people are suffering with acne and doing nothing about what is, a treatable condition.
Come on folks if you are one of the forty percent reading this page, take some action there is no need to suffer in silence.

Whilst it is appreciated not everyone can afford huge medical bills or fancy commercial treatments, there are many low cost natural acne treatments that you can try yourself at home, some of these treatments may be all you need to clear you acne or at least improve it, as can inexpensive over-the-counter remedies from the pharmacy.

Although for many people acne may disappear by itself as they get older, it is preferable not leave things to chance or your condition may get to a stage when expensive prescription medications or surgical procedures are the only answer, both for the acne itself and the scarring left by it.

Many insurance companies deny treatment for acne for people over the age of 25 as not being a medical condition, but rather a cosmetic one. Considering the severity and spread of acne, knowing the facts and the availability of treatments is essential to deciding what to do for a personis acne.

A survey found that 75% of tretinoin (a drug prescribed for sun-damaged skin as well as an effective treatment for acne) prescriptions for 33-year-old patients were written for acne treatments. 63% of tretinoin prescriptions were still for acne treatment at the age of 40. Tretinoin treatment of non-acne conditions did not equal acne until the age of 44.

Acne remains the most common skin disease in the United States and completely treatable. From the light cases to the severe, there is no reason for anyone to suffer from acne with the multitude of methods available. If a patient is uncertain about what type of acne they have or what causes it, they should consult a dermatologist. The rewards for treatment include a better complexion and better self-esteem.

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