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Acne Redness | How To Reduce Redness Of Pimples

Reducing Acne Redness With Everyday Products

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This article has a few tips for those people who may be showing signs of acne redness.
This could be caused by the inflammation of a spot or a pimple that could be conspicuous place like on the end of your nose, on your forehead or chin, or it could be even be the the effect of the acne treatments that you may be applying to your face, such as Benzoyl peroxide, which can leave the skin extremely dry, red and easily irritated at times.

Of course you will probably be aware you should be using a moisterizer for acne at all times even if you have oily skin, but there may be times when it is absorbed very quickly into the skin and offers little protection to it from perhaps a cold or drying wind, one small tip here for adverse weather conditions is to use a slightly thicker moisturizer than normal to counter the effects.

Most of the tips here relate to reducing the redness of an acne pimple, as these generally cause the most panic especially with teenagers with social engagements.

So then, assuming an inflamed and reddened pimple what is the best course of action or remedy to treat it.

There are several things that you can try, one of the the most often recommended household remedies is ordinary lemon juice.

Reducing Acne Redness With Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can also be used on larger areas of redness to like marks and blotches, it is probably not a good idea to cover your whole face with it though, just apply it to the areas that are red or inflamed.Dab it gently onto the affected area using a soaked tissue or cotton bud or pad, let it dry by itself and after a while you may see some improvement to the area, if not try applying some more in the same way.

Another tip found during the research for this article which sounds like it might be a good solution to the problem although it is untested, is to apply some Optrex or other form eye-drops to the pimple or zit, this needs to be the formula that helps to relieve bloodshot eyes, and it has to be said this sounds promising, apply some to a cotton bud and hold it against the red area for maybe a minute although you may notice the redness quickly disappear after half a minute.Be careful about using eye drop solution on the skin too frequently, as it is not meant to be used in this way and prolonged use may not do your skin any good, so keep this remedy as your secret weapon for acne redness.

The Toothpaste Red Spot Remedy

You may already be aware that some acne sufferers use toothpaste as a home remedy, but before you go rushing off and slapping a load all over your face. Don’t – toothpaste contains some strong chemicals that are not meant to be spread all over the skin and you may damage the skin surface.

The way to use toothpaste is to only apply a small blob to each pimple or zit, do not go mad with it or you could make your condition worse and cause further irritation.Obviously you will not want to walk around with toothpaste all over your face, so it is best applied before you turn in to bed for the night and then gently rinsed off in the morning as part of your daily cleansing routine.

You will probably need to sleep on your back if your are using this treatment otherwise you will likely wipe it off in your sleep, unless you are at home during the day and do not have to go out.

Ordinary Aspirin To Reduce Acne Redness

Another remedy you can use which requires a little more preparation, is the common or garden aspirin, this old-fashioned painkiller has been used for years in medicine for all kinds on conditions, for general aches and pains it has been superceded by modern drugs, but it still has it’s uses, including being used as a cure for acne redness.

Aspirin comes in hard tablet form and is of no use like this, it needs to be crushed and ground to a fine powder, a small pessel and mortar is ideal for this, or a rolling pin is another traditional pill crusher.Once you have got it to a fine powder you need to mix it with a tiny amount of water, this might be tricky as you will only have a tiny amount of powder, so you will only need the tiniest drop of water, as a suggestion perhaps you could use a cocktail stick or a drinking straw dipped in water for this.

Once you mixed it to a paste apply to areas affected.

Try and avoid the temptation to bursting a pimple or spot doing this may permanently damage the skin, may cause any infection to be driven deeper into the skin, and may make the redness of the area worse for a while afterward, sometimes you may feel in despair and this is your only option, if you really must do it the see this advice on popping a pimple advice.

Hopefully one of the above methods will work for reducing your acne redness, if they do not the only other option is to apply some cosmetic concealer to try and tone down the red color.

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