Vitamin B5 Acne Treatment – For Acne Sufferers With Oily Skin

Solution To Acne? – Vitamin B5 Acne Treatment

vitamin b5 acne treatmentThis page is aimed at those people who have oily skin and want to help solve the problem by taking the Vitamin B5. Acne Treatment is usually always tricky but this could be your secret weapon.

Unfortunately there is no cure-all acne remedy, what may work for one individual may not work for another, sometimes a simple over the counter product will be all that is required, or even just a change in lifestyle can work, but it has to be said in the majority of cases people spend a lot of time and money trying various thing in the hope of getting rid of their acne problem.

Within the last few years there has been much research into the use of certain Vitamins as a possible alternative acne cure, and one that has shown a lot of promise is Vitamin B5, and further research is still
being carried out. Without delving into the scientifics behind it Vitamin B5 or to give it its proper name Pantothenic acid, is a vitamin that is easily dissolved in water, and is an essential nutrient for humans as it is used in the body for synthesis and metabolism.

Vitamin B5 is contained naturally in many of the foods we eat, once inside the system it turns into enzymes which apart from breakdown various compounds into energy need for healthy cells, it is also use to make fat-based molecules for these cells. When the body is lacking in the enzymes produced by vitamin B5, what little there is produces fatty hormone molecules like testosterone,which is a hormone more prevalent in males.

This increase in testosterone causes a lot of changes in the body and one of these effects is to cause oil glands in out skin to produce more oil. This of course is bad news for the acne sufferer as with this excessive oil mixed with dead skin cells can easily cause pores to become blocked which will almost certainly cause blackheads and pimples and if left
unchecked may lead to an outbreak of acne.

It can be seen therefore that Vitamin B5 is very important to us and most especially for a healthy skin. Vitamin B5 can certainly help acne by managing excessive oil production that causes it, It helps the body
break down excess oil while also keeping testosterone levels in check so that the oil glands do not become overactive.

It is likely you will need to take a Vitamin B5 supplement to get your levels up, follow the instructions on the label for dosage as there are different types that require different consumption intervals.

The body will only use what it needs and any excess will be purged from the system via the liver and other organs, so do not be surprised if your urine changes color when taking Vitamin tablets.Vitamin B5 is likely only to be effective for those people whose acne is caused by oily skin, it can certainly have a major effect on the oil-producing glands, and because this is the body’s natural control mechanism it will not cause the skin to dry out and be a cause of some of the side effects that you may get from some acne treatments.

Eventually the oil producing glans will become smaller and as production reduces, the skin’s pore may also become visibly smaller and easy to manage, with an overall improvement in the surface of the skin.

If however a person’s acne is from some other cause other than oily skin such as cosmetics for instance, then Vitamin B5 will be of little help in this case as it is an external cause, such outbreaks are better treated with a topical over the counter remedy, once it is discovered what product is causing the problem.

Taking a B5 vitamins as an acne treatment has helped many people who have had little success with traditional acne remedies, and because there are no ill-effects and the supplements are reasonably cheap there is little reason not to give this natural acne treatment a try yourself if you are prone to oily skin, and of course you can still B5 whether you have acne or not to try and control your oil glands.

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