Saw Palmetto Acne Treatment

Overview Of Using Saw Palmetto Acne Treatment

saw palmetto acne treatment imageSaw palmetto is the common name given to the fruit and the plant that bears it, it grows mainly in the USA and looks like a small fan palm tree. The fruit of the tree is used to make saw palmetto extract which has some medicinal uses.

This page should should perhaps be on the acne myths page as it is certainly not a recognized treatment for it, it is mainly used for urinary tract problems for which it may give ‘moderate improvement in urinary symptoms’.
It also has an unpleasant taste, so it would not be something you would necessarily take by choice.
So in view of these facts it seems that using a Saw palmetto acne treatment seems a bit of a non-starter.
Although certain ingredients contained in Saw Palmetto can have a suppressive effect on 5a-Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is an androgen or male sex hormone, to get technical, the enzyme 5a-reductase synthesizes DHT in the prostate, testes, hair follicles, and adrenal glands, and it is presumably this effect that some bright spark decided it could be a cure for acne.

If it were a medically proven fact, then of course it would be widely recommended by skin experts all over the world which is not the case.
A lot of people may believe that acne is always a hormonal problem, they often recommend saw palmetto acne treatment as a means to regulate hormones and minimize breakouts in the skin, Spironlactone will do this also and probably be a lot more effective.

By all means give Saw palmetto acne treatment a try, but you should not be surprised if it does not work, always check with you doctor if you are already taking prescription medication before taking any natural remedies that may contain powerful chemicals.

If you want any chance of fighting acne for good, you must turn to a natural method of acne treatment. However, while natural acne remedies like saw palmetto acne treatments may have some benefits, they won’t get you anywhere if you don’t first start with a healthy diet.
The reason that a healthy diet is so foundational to effectively treating your acne is because no matter how many supplements you take, they won’t be able to combat the damage that an unhealthy diet does to your skin. In order to naturally clear up acne in your skin for good, you can use the basis of a healthy diet to ensure that your skin gets the vital nutrients it needs to strengthen and repair itself so that it can resist acne bacteria.
Natural Saw Palmetto Acne Remedies

When it comes to popular natural acne remedies, saw palmetto acne treatment is often recommended on natural health and beauty blogs. But does it really work? Saw palmetto comes from a palm tree grown in some areas of the United States, and it is often used in the form of an oil extract for therapeutic health benefits. [1]
More specifically, saw palmetto suppresses DHT production in the body, which is a potent hormone produced by testosterone.

This means that saw palmetto is often recommended to treat enlarged prostate in men, and it is also thought to be able to regulate excessive hair growth and abnormal blood pressure in women.
However, I must point out that there is absolutely no scientific backing to this theory. The truth is that acne is caused by a known chain of events, likely all starting with poor dietary habits and resulting in several different types of acne.

These poor dietary habits trigger digestive issues that cause toxic overload in the body, which will directly lead to an imbalance of hormones. This hormonal imbalance will create bacterial overgrowth on the skin that causes acne, as well as excess oil production that also causes acne, and it will even weaken the immune system to make it difficult for the skin to heal itself and resist acne. From this example, it is clear to see how vital it is to attack acne at its source by first of all correcting your diet.

Yes, it may be possible for an option like a saw palmetto acne treatment to regulate some hormones and provide temporary relief to acne, but why would you trust in an acne treatment that does not have scientific proof? What does have scientific backing is the fact that eating a healthy diet will ensure optimal digestion to regulate all processes in your body, including an imbalance of hormones. This will guarantee that your acne is not caused by a hormonal imbalance in the first place, meaning that you may not need a saw palmetto acne supplement after all.

To give you a clearer picture, here is what several acne sufferers from the acne forums had to say about using saw palmetto to remedy acne:

I took saw palmetto for a long while as a substitution for spironolactone. I found that it wasn’t effective for my acne. Spironolactone worked for me within a week or two.
Saw Palmetto broke me out horribly!

I took beta-sitosterol which is the active ingredient in saw palmetto. My face was clear of oil but the sexual side effects were ridiculous. It definitely does what it is supposed to at least for me. I had no sex drive at all along with other weird stuff.

I took it for a little over a month, didn’t notice much with my skin but I did see a drop in my libido and I think I was experiencing some “shrinkage” if you know what I mean, that freaked me out so I quit, everything’s back to normal now though, phew! Try it, look for side effects, quit if you don’t see results, probably won’t kill you.
Perhaps the reason that so many acne sufferers are willing to jump on the saw palmetto acne treatment bandwagon is because we are all looking for a natural and gentle treatment to clear up our skin!

However, what I must emphasize to you is that making healthy changes in your diet to eliminate foods that contain processed chemical ingredients will help you to promote healthy digestion, flush your body of toxins, and keep all hormones in check. This is a completely natural and effective approach to regulating hormones that does not have any side effects, and you will also have the long-term benefit of improving your overall health as you clear up your skin.

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