Pregnancy Acne – Treating It Naturally

pregnancy acne imageUnfortunately girls, acne during pregnancy is very common and it is brought on by increased hormonal activity in the body, much like that which occurs in growing teenagers, this in turn causes the oil glands in the skin to become enlarged and thus produce more natural oil, which combined with dead skin cells and natural skin bacteria makes for a mixture that can easily block the pores of the skin and trigger an acne outbreak as the blocked pores become infected.

Under normal circumstances a trip to the pharmacy would reveal a multitude of remedies and treatments you could apply and if these didn’t work a prescription from a doctor would get you something more powerful.
However because you are pregnant all prescription acne treatments are out of the question for you as are many of the commercial remedies because of what they contain, there are few antibiotic creams it may be possible to use like erythromycin or clindamycin but always check with the pharmacist or a doctor before using them.

Fortunately acne during pregnancy is not normally that severe as it is just a natural bodily reaction to changing hormones, after birth when the levels have settled back to normal your acne should normally clear up by itself, if you are one of the unlucky ones who has it really bad your best option would be consult a dermatologist.

Chances are if you are pregnant you will be eating a healthy diet with plenty of fresh produce, and keeping well hydrated with enough water which will help the skin a lot, not much can be done if you get a craving for some that might make you ‘spotty’ but you can always hope it will be a healthy craving!
While you are pregnant the body will also retain a lot more water as a natural function, and this in itself will be good for the skin.

Obviously there is nothing that can be done to prevent you from getting a bout of acne, and a lot of treatments are not available to you, but there are some natural products that may be of help in controlling an outbreak that you can safely use.

One of the most important things is a proper night and day cleansing routine to help remove oil build-up and dead skin cells.
You can use a gentle soap or mild cleanser for this or you might try one of the many home acne remedies.

You can certainly try some natural acne remedies of which there are hundreds with most of them making use of fruit, vegetables or other organic products and many of them contain natural acne-fighting ingredients.

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Apart from not being able to use powerful medications most of the usual advice applies if you get acne while you are pregnant, although it is just the luck of the draw whether or not you will.
Avoid touching your skin with your hands unless you are washing, this will prevent bacteria being transferred or spread about further on your skin.
If using cosmetics check the labels and make sure they will not block the pores.
Do not pick or squeeze any spots or pimples, it’s tempting but you could make the worse by driving infection deeper into the skin and you may well cause permanent to the skin leaving a scar.

The outlook is generally bright with pregnancy acne , and while it is not absolutely certain it will usually clear up by itself sometime after giving.