Oily Skin Remedies – How To Treat Excessive Skin Oil Problems

Readily Available Oily Skin Remedies

If you suffer from acne then oily skin remedies are probably going to high on your list of priorities, and it will certainly be beneficial to have a rigidly followed cleansing routine for your face. This routine should be done in the morning and again at night everyday, with some supplemental cleansing done through the day if required after a workout or any physical exertion that causes heavy sweating.

Do not over-wash the face though as this can dry the skin too much and cause irritation that you want to avoid. You will also want to give strong soaps a miss as this may trigger even more oil production from the glands in the skin, the use of a gentle cleansing solution is recommended, once you find one that does the job you want stay with it.

Acne Cleansers And Toners As Remedies For Oily Skin

If your skin is really oily you may have to go with an acne cleanser to get the best results, these will usually include some anti-acne ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or some acid-based compounds that will help reduce the skin oil deposits.

Using these stronger cleansers is okay even if you do not have acne as they may certainly help.
You may need to try several different products before you get one than will suit you best as no two people are alike, small sizes are best until you find the right one for you as if you use one that irritates your skin too much you may have to discard it, using smaller sizes hepls prevent wasting too much money if the product you buy is not right for you.

Some people also like to use toners on their face too, some of these may also be medicated for acne sufferers so they can also help to remove excess oiliness, but they may also irritate the skin depending on their ingredients, skin toners are probably best applied to the areas of the face that accumulate the most oil as mentioned above, it may be best not to apply toners to drier areas as this could possibly create extra dry areas and make the skin appear patchy.
It is probably true to say most people have a combination skin type even though they may think it is either oily or dry.

Additional Products – Convenient Oily Skin Remedies

Other products that may be used to help with oily skin include some form of face mask, these may be bought as a ready made preparation usually referred to as mud or clay masks, or they can be prepared at home using some common ingredients that you may have in the house, if money is no object then a trip to the local beauty salon may be the way to go.

Using masks of course require you to have the time necessary to apply them and wait a while for them to work and it should also be noted that masks can also dry out areas of the skin, so they should be used sparingly, once a week is probably too often, once a month would probably be a better idea.

For people on the go there are some other useful products that you can avail yourself of, oil-absorbing sheets or blotting papers are brilliant for removing excess skin oils, obviously the principle is the same as for drying fountain pen ink, the paper is held against the skin for perhaps half a minute which allows for it to soak up the excess oil on the surface.

Blotting papers are really worthwhile because they are easily carried and can be used throughout the day whenever an opportunity presents itself, and best of all because they do not contain anything that may irritate the skin they can be used freely at any time without fear of drying the skin out.

In addition to the absorbent papers there are also medicated pads or wipes, these contain Salicylic acid or a similar acne fighter and once again they are portable and easy to use.

If you have acne and oily skin you may not think you need to use a moisturizer at all, working on the assumption that with an excess of oil it is not necessary, however you should still use one as part of your daily routine, it should be light and non-greasy and it is best to apply less to oil prone areas and more to drier parts this will give the skin a more even look, get the best acne moisturizers you can afford

If you have acne or are using products such as Benzoyl peroxide on your skin it is best to stay of direct sunlight and if it is unavoidable for you then it is important to use a high factor sunscreen on your skin, of course most of these are not designed for people with acne so you should make sure to choose one that is labelled as non-comedogenic meaning it will not block up the pores of the skin.
Some companies are now offering powder-based sunscreens as these do not contain oil of any sort they may be ideal for acne sufferers


It is also worth noting that oil production is a normal function of healthy skin, looking for oily skin remedies may be a pain in the butt for you at this time of your life, but as you age your skin will remain more supple and be less prone to wrinkling making you look younger, it is the oil that is responsible for this so do not try too hard at drying your skin out too much.

Remember that the skin is a very sensitive organ of the body, and its appearance can vary according to many different factors, especially hormone levels and the time of year, you should be aware of this and adjust your skin routine accordingly, excess skin oil may only become a problem for you in the summertime, at other times of the year it may not be too much of a problem, do not stick slavishly to your routine if it noticed your skin becomes less oily, cut back on the medicated products and see what the effect is, there is little point in trying to remove oil that is not being overly produced as you may be drying your skin out unnecessarily.

If you have tried many different methods and acne treatments and nothing worked for your oily skin, do not despair there may still be hope, a trip to your doctor or dermatologist will open up some more options to you that are not readily available at the pharmacy.
They may be able to give you a prescription medication such as Tretinoin that will control the oil glands from the inside, or they may suggest a skin peel or some other technique that can help a great deal in skin oil reduction, these can be quite pricey and they may produce some minor side effects.

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