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natural treatment of breast acne

Nature’s Secret Weapon For The Natural Treatment Of Breast Acne

Manuka Flowers

This is a general article about the natural treatment of breast acne, which can affect many women at one time or another, and how taking and applying Manuka honey may effect a cure owing to it’s remarkable properties

Although it is not generally thought of by a lot of people as being an organ, the skin itself is the biggest organ in the human body, it is also a very important one as it helps other major organs such as the liver in getting rid of toxins and waste products from our system.

Many people may be able to treat their mild acne flare-ups with nothing more than a correction in their diets, as it is beyond doubt that if you are healthy on the inside it will almost certainly be reflected in the appearance of the skin.

Acne is usually sparked off when the pores of the skin become blocked, this happens when the natural oil from the skin, called sebum, gets mixed with dead skin cells and grime which eventually leads to blocked pores.It is very common for teenagers and pregnant women to get acne outbreaks, as at this time the body has large fluctuations in hormone levels and this can often trigger excessive production of oil from the glands in the skin that secrete it.

Obviously because of the numbers of people involved acne is very big business for the pharmaceutical companies, and there is a vast array of acne treatment products available both over the counter and via prescription.

Unfortunately if left to develop acne can be quite difficult to get rid and serious cases can also cause scarring of the skins tissues, and while it is possible to get rid of it with very powerful drugs such as Isotretinoin, these medications can have some serious side effects for some people.

Where possible though it is always best to use less harmful products particularly for the natural treatment of breast acne.

Acne scarring may also be treated with surgical techniques including laser surgery, but these procedures are very costly and beyond the reach of many people.

From the above it can be seen that it is far better to try and treat acne in its early stages and also to look after your body particularly your skin to try and prevent it from occurring.

While there are many products available over the counter for the treatment of acne, the cost even for these can seem quite high, and in many cases this is true, but this cost should be considered against the cost of prescription drugs and medical procedures that may come into play if youe acne is allowed to develop making pharmacy products ineffective.

Prevention is always better than cure so the first step is to try and maintain a healthy body, starting with your diet with the inclusion of foods that will help you skin to be healthy.

Skincare experts are always going to cite natural products as being the best things you can eat, and this is true, fresh fruit and vegetables contain many Vitamins and anti-oxidants that will be of considerable help to your skin’s general well-being and appearance.

It should go without saying you should cut out as much junk food from your diet as you can, if you take the trouble to prepare your own fresh food and eat a proper balanced diet you will undoubtedly avoid many health problems in the years ahead as well as helping to prevent acne from forming.

Manuka Honey – Where It Comes From

One of the latest natural acne remedies to hit the market is Manuka honey, which is a very good natural treatment for breast acne.

This is a unique honey that is only produced by bees in limited regions across New Zealand and Australia

Because of its limited production it is considerably more expensive than ordinary honey, but it appears to have many remarkable anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, that medical science has yet to fully understand and is still in the process of testing.

Manuka honey is so-called because the bees that produce it are located in hives where is a large abundance of the bush Leptospermum scoparium commonly known as the the Manuka bush or the Tea tree and they gather the pollen from the flowers of this plant almost exclusively, thus passing the properties of the plant into the honey they produce.

Note that although in New Zealand the common name is the Tea tree, it should not be confused with the Tea tree from Australia the Melaleuca species which is a related species and has suprisingly similar properties to the Manuka bush, and products derived from it are also used to treat many ailments including acne. Tea tree oil though is generally applied as a topical medication.
To make things even more confusing the Manuka bush also grows in regions of Australia too.

What makes Manuka Honey unique is it contains extremely powerful natural antibacterial compounds. It may even be considered as a compound that will outperform other pharmaceutical products and traditional medicines.

What makes it even more unique is that it can be used internally as well as externally (topical) and it also appears to have properties that make it anti-fungal and anti-viral giving it hundreds of possible beneficial effects.

If you want to try Manuka honey for the natural treatment of breast acne yourself, you can eat it and also use it as a mask on areas of your skin, just spread it on and leave in place for fifteen minutes or so, this way you will have a two-pronged attack on acne-causing bacteria.