How To Remove A Pimple Overnight Emergency Zit Removal

Try The Following Advice For How To Remove a Pimple Overnight:

how to remove a pimple overnight imageIf you suddenly find that a pimple, spot or zit has appeared out of nowhere to blight your face, this simple tip on how to remove a pimple overnight might just do the trick, this is especially useful if you have a date or important appointment the next day and for this emergency it might just save you from the ever-embarrassing pimple.

There are a couple of things you will need but you probably will have these in your possession already, especially if you are prone to the odd acne outbreak.

So the first thing to do is wash your face using a soap or cleanser that is formulated for acne, make sure you do this very gently follow the standard procedure for washing acne skin, pat the area dry, never rub your face dry, you probably know this already but it is worth repeating for the benefit of everyone.

If your skin is really oily, it will do no harm to wash it again for this tip, you want as much oil off your skin as possible.

Next you are going to need some ice, you may have some already in your freezer, if not it will only take a couple of hours to rustle some up.

You may be lucky and have a proper ice bag, like they use in boxing, if not don’t worry anything can be pressed into service, like those frozen gel packs, or failing that just ice cubes, but ideally these will need to be crushed, there are various kitchen appliances you can use for this, or if you don’t have one give them a bash on a firm surface with something heavy like a rolling pin, it will probably be best to put it inside a plastic bag for this to stop it flying everywhere, this is going to damage the bag so you will need a second one to put the ice in when you have finished, otherwise it will leak everywhere.

When you have your ice crushed, and hopefully you have it in a fairly thick plastic bag, you now need to cover the bag with some material, thin toweling is best, do not apply the bag of ice directly to your skin or you may suffer ice burns.

Once you have the bag wrapped apply it directly to the pimply area, now you must hold it in that position for a good ten minutes, it’s going to get mighty cold but you need to hold it there.

The idea of this procedure is to close the skin pores tightly and hopefully this action will force out any excess oil, and dirt or dead skin cells that are causing the problem.

When you have completed this, again go over the face with a cleanser to get of any impurities,once this is done wash it off and pat dry the face.

Now is the time to whip out your favorite medicated acne cream, Clearasil or whatever you use and apply a good amount all over your face, after several hours apply some more, preferably before you retire.

Hopefully, in the morning you pimple should be barely noticeable or may even have gone altogether.

It does need a little forward planning to have the ice and anti-acne products at the ready, but this tip can work very well, and may well help you out of that emergency, but of course it is only a temporary fix as you zit may well return.

Alternative Method On How To Remove a Pimple Overnight – Popping A Pimple – Procedure

Hopefully the above method works for you, if not and it is still prominent you may be tempted to just squeeze it until it bursts, you are probably tired of being told not to do this but it is not without good reason as doing this can permanently damage the skin and may leave a scar or a pock mark.

So if you really must pop a pimple for whatever reason, get yourself a very fine needle, such as those used for embroidery, they are actually called ‘sharps’, don’t use a pin for this they are made from lesser quality steel which contains impurities, and could cause infection.

You should now sterilize the needle, use surgical spirit or other antiseptic, or carefully hold the pointed end in a gas flame for a couple of seconds, no more otherwise the whole needle will get hot and you will burn your fingers, you will know this when you say “aaargh!” and drop it quickly, lessen the chances of this by holding it at a 45 degree angle, with the point high.

Now you are ready to lance the head of the pimple, do it slowly, don’t stab it! Once you have pierced the pimple, you can try and gently squeeze out the contents, it is best to wrap some paper tissue around your fingers do this, it will give you a slightly better grip, keep your fingers off the wound and soak up any expelled fluid.

It is probably best to use your two forefingers to achieve this so that you can press down toward the base of the pimple and inwards at the same time.

If you cannot expel the pimple matter in this way, do not keep on squeezing, if it is ready it should come out at once, leave it alone if this is not the case and it starts bleeding, if you persist in your attack you could to more harm than good to your skin.

When you’re done it would be a good idea to wipe the area with an antiseptic, this may sting a bit if it is a liquid rather than an ointment.
It should be stressed again this is only for emergencies,when you feel you absolutely must remove a pimple, don’t make a habit of it or you could end up with skin like the surface of the moon.

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