Treating Forehead Acne And Scalp Problems

Treating Forehead Acne

forehead acne imageBecause of its prominence on the face, having forehead acne makes this dreadful condition all the more noticeable.

The forehead also forms an area of the face known as the T- zone, this area also includes the nose area and the chin, thus forming a ‘T’ shape and giving the area it’s name.

This particular region of the face is generally more prone to oilyness, in the case of the forehead it is because of it is closer to the hairline, where scalp acne may be a problem also, and both areas usually have the oil the hair to contend with as well which may exacerbate the problem.

In the case of the nose area and chin oil may collect here naturally because it is less exposed. Acne breakouts on the forehead are treated the same as any other areas of the face, in mild cases a home remedy for acne or a commercial acne treatment product may do the trick together with a rigorous cleansing routine, more severe acne outbreaks may require prescription medications.

Anyone who suffers with acne will probably be aware by now that the root cause of the problem is usually blocked pores on the skin caused a mixture of natural oil secreted through the skin, dead skin cells and bacteria that have become suspended in it, it does not take much for this mixture to block the pores, producing perhaps blackheads and whiteheads, and as infection sets in under the blocked pore, pimples and spots, possibly leading to acne if the situation is not brought under control.

The procedure for treating forehead acne is more or less the same as for other parts of the face, wash the area gently first with a medicated product, do not use ordinary soap, pat the area and then apply a good cleanser to the area to remove all traces of oil, then apply whatever acne treatments you are using following the instructions carefully.

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Usually it is not recommended to wash the face more than a couple of times a day as it may cause over-drying, but in the case of the forehead which is more susceptible to oil, grime and sweat it may be prudent to use a little cleanser when necessary if the need arises throughout the day.

What To Look Out For With Forehead Acne

If you are suffering from acne on the forehead you need also be careful with any hair products you may be using, many of these contain chemicals that can greatly irritate the acne skin, conditioners in particular you should pay particular attention to , if you are not sure what to use instead go for a product formulated for babies, these are always very gentle on the skin.

Some shampoos can also be irritants, try and find a brand for sensitive skin and keep away from the fancy scented varieties, usually shampoos containing natural extracts are mostly okay to use, jojoba and tea tree and aloe products should be fine. If you are female (or male?), make sure you keep hairspray away from your skin almost all of these contain irritants.

Most of the standard acne advice applies to the forhead, avoid touching the skin with your hands, and don’t be tempted to pick or squeeze your pimples or zits, skin is thinner on the head and you could easily leave a scar.

If you have long hair tie back out of the way, this can lead to constant touching of the area as you seek to sweep it away from your face, more so if it is windy.

Wearing Hats With Forehead Acne

If you have any type head acne, any sort of head wear is probably going to cause problems, firstly they draw more oil from the pores in the head if it is covered, and they may cause you to sweat more especially around the headband, which can cause irritation to zits, this is not really want you need if you have a breakout.

Of course wearing a hat or cap may be unavoidable, it may be a part of your work uniform or safety wear or you may be out in the hot sun where a hat is essential, and really there is not much you can do in these situations, the only useful advice is to make sure you keep the headband clean, changing hats or headbands as necessary as these can harbor a lot of bacteria so you should keep them as clean as possible.

Forehead acne may require some perseverance to get rid of but it is probably best to use products containing Benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acid or both in tandem.