Fading Acne Scars – Treatments For Scarring Blemishes

Information On Fading Acne Scars

fading acne scars imageIf you have had acne, any scarring may have left some discoloration to your skin and you maybe would like to find something that is good at fading acne scars.

Sometimes tissue discoloration may eventually right itself but this may take a long time, it may also depend too on how severe your acne was in the first place.

It is a bit of a lottery as to whether you will be affected by marks and blemishes, not everyone suffers the same effects, but this is usually the minority.

There are now many new procedures available to remove acne scars, and after many such treatments it should be noted while the skin is healing itself there may well be a change to the color of the skin, this is normally expected and is know as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, it may take quite a long time for the skin to return to its natural color, but given time it will.

Trying to cure this discoloration is pointless, and if necessary it is probably best to use some carefully applied cosmetics to mask it in the interim once the skin has properly healed.

It is often been said, but it is always worth repeating, in order to lessen the risks of scarring it is vital to start using acne treatments as early as possible before it becomes a serious condition, if ordinary acne products have no effect then it is time to visit a dermatologist for an expert opinion of your particular case, and professional advice on the best way to proceed.

Cream And Gel For Fading Acne Scars

There are several creams and gels that are often recommended for fading acne scars but it the main these are not particularly effective and petrolatum-based ointments usually perform just as well.

If your discoloration is particularly bad, it will be wise to seek advice from your doctor or skin specialist who may be able to prescribe you some hydroquinone or glycolic acid skin bleach. On no account but these products off the internet yourself or use them without medical supervision.

Ultraviolet light from the sun may darken the skin, especially on areas of abnormal discoloration, if you are using any type of skin treatments especially bleaches it is important to protect the skin from UV rays so that  may work more effectively, use a high SPF product of 30 or more.
High factor sunscreens are also important for rapid fading of any hyper-pigmentation you may have.

It may also be useful to be aware that acne is not the only cause of skin discoloration, it can also be the effect of aging, damage caused by exposure to the sun, allergies such as to contraceptive pills.

Other Methods To Fade Acne Scarring

Exfoliating the skin is also important as this process brings new skin cells to the surface layer faster and removes all the dead cells that can slow this process.

There are many ways to exfoliate the skin and in some cases it may cause irritation depending on what is being used to do the job, you should consult with your specialist on this as some of the most effective exfoliators are only available with a prescription, there are many other products though, freely available at the pharmacist.

Skin Lighteners

Apart from exfoliation to help with rapid skin cell replacement, particularly dark spots may be treated with skin lighteners such as kojic acid which is a mild inhibitor of the formation of pigment in plant and animal tissues, Vitamin E products can also be good for the skin, and you may see quite a few products with this as an ingredient.

You can only help your skin to recover its natural color and it will almost certainly take quite a long time, so you will need a lot of patience, in times of need a concealer product will do a good job of covering any dark patches or marks and blemishes, and will certainly help with fading your acne scars temporarily.

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