Face Acne – One Of The Most Effective Treatment Methods

Procedure For Washing The Face

Face Acne imageAlthough it is often mentioned in many articles about face acne it is worth repeating that the face should be kept clean, but it should be stressed not to overdo it, or it may make things worse and cause further irritation due to the drying out of the skin, it must also be done with great care and attention otherwise once again you may do more harm than good.

It is generally a good idea to set some form of daily washing routine that you can follow each and everyday, as in the long term this can have very beneficial effects, when used in conjunction with a product specifically designed for the treatment of acne.

Washing the face is obviously very important but it must be done in the correct fashion, this is key to the whole process, it must be carried out very gently at all times and only ever done with the hands and never with any form of facecloth or flannel, this is because recent figures from medical bodies have indicated that stopping any form of activity that may be irritating to acne is absolutely critical in treating it, treat your skin with great care as much as possible.

It is recommended that you wash your face twice a day, say once in the morning and again before bedtime, seven days a week.

Avoid the use of any washing aid, only use the hands or a shower jet or water spray, it must be stressed again that very gentle treatment is required, the fingers should softly slide over the face, do not be tempted to rub the face quickly or harshly as may be generally done when people use their hands to wash with.

Only use tepid water for washing in, hot water will almost certainly cause irritation to the skin.


Shaving Tips For Men


  • If you are a man with face acne you have the additional problem of shaving, you may need the water a little warmer than normal for this otherwise it will cause the razor to pull, to be honest if you have acne it would probably be better if you could use an electrc shaver, at least until it cleared up, this will largely depend on you as an individual, as for men and some sufferers of acne, electric shavers can irritate the skin which you want to avoid, do not use one if this is you.


  • Modern wet razors are very efficient nowadays and many have lubrication strips embedded in the head allowing them to glide over the face more easily, you should make sure your razor has these, another point is to always make sure you use a sharp razor, as blunt ones can cause a lot of irritation especially under the chin and upper neck, as soon as you razor starts to pull, replace the blades.
  • You will probably find that twin-bladed razors will give you the best results, single blades should be avoided as they require more strokes, and the multi-bladed types can work out expensive if you need to replace them often.


  • It is important that your bristles are softened before starting to shave either with warm water or possibly a pre-shave lotion.
  • Any shaving foam product should be either specially formulated for acne, at the very least it should be, what is medically called non-comedogenic, this refers to the fact it will not block up the pores of the skin with any residues, and of course this is very important, and also applies to all products that should be used on the face such as cosmetics, moisturizers and so on.
  • If you skin is particularly sensitive you may instead use a shaving oil product, it is usually preferable to go for one that contains jojoba oil, this is probably the best and is non-comedogenic.
  • Never try to shave against the natural growth direction of your beard, always with it, this will ensure minimal irritation, it may be tempting sometimes but try and avoid it, take special care when shaving the chin and neck.
  • When the shaving has been completed rinse away any residues and pat the face dry with a clean towel, never rub the towel around the face.


 Using Benzoyl Peroxide


The use of this medication has been proven to be extremely effective at treating face acne, there may ba some people that are not able to use it because it has worsened their condition, but it still remains one of the cheapest and most effective acne cure treatments.

The recommended concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide for use when it is used to treat acne is 2.5% even at this low ratio it may cause some redness and irritation to begin with while your skin becomes accustomed to it, so therefore it should be used sparingly to begin with and the amount applied and frequency of application built up steadily over time, start with a third of the recommended amount and then apply this just once a day, at the start, in any event use it as directed on the packaging if you are unsure.

  • Once you have given your skin time to has get used to this medication, after a week or two it is time to start applying more, this will be important if you want to achieve success,
  • Having washed the face as outlined above, you must now wait for your skin to dry, which is usually ten minutes or so.
  • Very gently apply a generous amount of Benzoyl Peroxide to the affected areas on the skin, having a very soft light touch is of paramount importance to your success, imagine you are applying to the skin of a new born baby.
  • Put plenty on to the affected areas and leave it on the skin until absorption takes place and it dries off, make no attempt to wash off the Benzoyl Peroxide off the treated areas, leave it on and let it begin to do it’s work.
  • Remember be ready for some itching and possibly some red patches to the skin in the beginning, and do not scratch, try not to think about it.
  • Avoid getting this medication anywhere near your eyes including eyelids.


Using Facial Moisturizers


After using Benzoyl Peroxide for some time to treat your face acne , it is possible that it may cause dry and flaky skin, it is therefore essential that you keep you skin properly moisturized, whether you are male or female, make sure that you use an un-perfumed variety, that is formulated for acne sufferers, it is essential it is not greasy and it is non-comedogenic, moisturizers should be applied in the same way as for washing , use a very light circular motion being sure to cover all affected areas, do not use too much at a time and do not attempt to wipe off the excess, let the skin absorb it naturally.



Moisturising is a very important operation and should not be skimped or skipped if you want to get rid of your acne you must follow your daily routine, and it must be started immediately you begin it should be done immediately after washing the face, even if your skin is not dry, even if you suffer from oily skin make sure you moisturize twice a day, it is a prudent move to use a product containing jojoba oil, or if not to actually apply some separately with your brand of moisturizer, this is a natural product that is proven to have beneficial effects for acne skin.

Make sure any application is carried out with clean hands.


Things To Avoid With Facial Acne


  • Sufferers of face acne should make a conscious effort not to touch you skin, avoid any stroking itching or scratching, basically any form of contact using your hands.
  • Do not use shampoos or other products that are designed for greasy hair, many of the chemicals in these are irritants to acne.
  • Certain things that may cause irritation may well be unavoidable, for instance motorcycle, or riding helmets, and some types of protective headgear that you may be required to wear in your workplace, it will be mainly the chinstraps that cause a problem, if suitable alternatives without one it would be a good idea to get one, the only tip I have here if not is to wrap the strap with silk, maybe a small scarf, but this will need to be changed every day.
  • Anti-acne products, in particular Benzoyle Peroxide can make your skin extra sensitive to the effects of the suns rays, always screen you face from the sun where possible especially during the hottest part of the day, if this is not possible then make sure that you apply a high factor sun-block that is formulated for acne conditions.
  • Avoid like the plague any products for your skin that do not indicate they are non-comedegenic, as such products are very bad for face acne as they can cause pore blockage.

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