Does Tanning Help Acne?

does tanning help acne imageThere are quite a few people that ask “Does tanning help acne?” and the answer is absolutely not.

In fact it may cause irreparable damage to the skin just like the UV rays from the sun, which of course tanning replicates.

Furthermore if you are already using some acne treatments such as Benzoyl peroxide it may cause a reaction which will further irritate the skin, this is why you are always advised to keep out of direct sunlight and wear sunscreens when using such products.

Having tanned skin has become a form of fashion accessory which of course the fashion-conscious have to have, blithely following like sheep with no regard for the dangerous effects that strong ultraviolet rays can have on the skin, but we respect their right to choose.

It has been said that having a tan can lessen the effects of acne scarring, and it may make certain scar tissues a little less noticeable for a time, but they are still there of course.

Health care professionals including Dermatologists will will tell you not to use use tanning as a means of trying to treat your acne, in fact they should tell you not to use it all in view of the scientific evidence of its dangers, and this does not just apply to sunbeds but to UV rays in general, it is beyond doubt that excessive exposure to UV rays causes skin cancers.

The best advice therefore is to look for other ways to treat your acne which are likely to be more successful.

The intent of this article is not to bash tanning establishments, they are what they are, and they are just catering to the public desire.

There are many articles on the internet that go into the effects of Ultraviolet rays and it harmful effects on the skin but it is unlikely most people will take much notice despite the risks.

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