Diet Cure For Acne – How Correct Diets Can Solve Acne Problems

Overview – Diet Cure For Acne

You often see the question asked “Is there a diet cure for acne that really works?”and despite the myriad of articles suggesting otherwise there has so far been no proven scientific link between acne and diet, this by no means infers that there is not a link as there may be one that is yet to be discovered, and current research suggests that conventional and long held beliefs may be wrong although more studies are required to prove this beyond doubt.

Although a healthy diet will not cure acne, it will be certainly be of great benefit to the body in that it will provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to function correctly, and perhaps the most important of these functions if you have a skin problem like acne will be the body’s ability to repair cell damage and to fight off infections, neither of which it will be able to do very well if a persons diet is poor.

Although there is no evidence to support their claims, many people have cleared their acne by changing their diet to a healthy one and making some lifestyle changes, so their may be some correlation but without a scientific study that backs things up the results are meaningless, but at the same time they do offer a degree of hope for acne sufferers.

Conspiracy Theories On Diet As An Acne Cure

Of course there may be a few cynics out there who believe there is a conspiracy to keep any acne diet cures secret so that people will continue to buy products manufactured from the large drugs companies.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but this this theory calls into question the ethics of the whole of the medical profession, including eminent doctors and scientists, and this of course is utter nonsense. This site does not delve into issues such as these as they serve no purpose in helping the person with acne.

A Different Perspective

Perhaps what would be more useful is to look at an acne diet from a different perspective and to make the reader aware of other possibilities. Assuming that acne is not preventable, because it is caused by hormonal changes or may even be a genetic condition so that all that may be done is to use commercial or home remedies to treat an outbreak when it occurs.With other things being equal supposing that something you were eating as part of your normal diet triggered a skin eruption or what you may take to be an acne outbreak, this seems to make at least a little sense and may account for the many stories that abound on the internet about people curing their acne by changing their diet.

If you had a mild allergy to certain foodstuffs, and as this allergen has been ingested, the skin being such a sensitive organ to changes within the body may be the first place that a mild allergic reaction manifests itself in the form of spots or zits.

Many people get outbreaks of spots, teenagers in particular may get them a often, a lot of the time the sufferer of the outbreak, especially the teens may assume it is Acne Vulgaris ( the medical classification of acne) without having it confirmed by a specialist.

Nobody wants to have a spotty face, so mild panic may set in and off they go to the local pharmacy to buy acne treatments for their condition.

Such treatments will of course be useless and may do little other than irritate the skin if the spots and pimples that they have are not caused by the acne bacteria, but caused instead by a mild allergic reaction to something they have eaten.

Perhaps this is the reason so many people trying to cure their supposed acne have no success with any of the acne remedies they apply, and of course such people will probably be already aware of eating a healthy diet, and may eat as much fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and wholegrain products as they can. but the point being made here is that they may well have an aversion to one or more of the healthy foods that they are eating, and of course such an allergy could be linked to absolutely anything that is eaten.
Allergy Testing

The obvious answer to this theory is to have a giant allergy test that will cover everything that you eat, this is probably the surest way, but of course it may not be cheap and you may have to use a private clinic to get it done, but it would at least confirm or rule out the possibility of a food-related skin reaction.

The cheap way would be to keep a diet diary writing down all the things you eat everyday, noting any changes to your skin that may occur, this is going to take some time of course as reactions will probably not be instant. If an outbreak occurs go back through your list and see if you can pinpoint something  unusual that you do not normally eat, hot spicy foods are common culprits, If you manage to pinpoint something your next step is to find out what the ingredients were if it was not a single organic item, it then becomes largely a process of elimination.

Conclusion On The Best Dietary Cures For Acne

Is there a diet cure for Acne that really works if you really do have the condition? The short answer is no, nothing specific as yet,  but a proper balanced will certainly help with your overall health at the present time and in the future, as it can prevent the onset of many common diseases that people suffer from later in life.

The reality at present is that conventional medicine does not actually cure acne, it only helps overcome the external symptoms of it, even people who have used Accutane, probably the the most successful (and dangerous) of all acne medications have had a recurrence albeit to a lesser degree.

The best that can be hoped for at this time time is to treat the condition, either with drugs, home remedies or whatever, preventing outbreaks of acne is not possible per-se but action can be taken that minimizes the risk of getting it and one of the ways to do this is through eating properly.

According to an article in the American Academy Of Dermatology recent studies have found a direct connection between acne and diet, although this has yet to be fully investigated.

An incorrect diet is now being regarded by some forward thinkers as one of the main factors that contribute to acne, as it appears to have some affect on hormone regulation and the natural process of eliminating toxins from the body, which may aggravate any existing acne.

There is little doubt that we eat has a cumulative affect on our bodies. therefore it seems acne can be caused as a result of a poor diet food over the years.

Refined sugar and dairy products are now thought to be major contributary factors in the forming of acne as both are thought to be instrumental in the release of male hormones, which overwhelm the body’s internal systems.

This excessive release of these hormones causes the oil glands in the skin to exude abnormal amounts of  oil, a major factor in the formation of acne.

Much effort went in to this article –  Is there a diet cure for Acne that really works, and hopefully you will be able to make the right decisions about your own diet based on this article.


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