Treatment Methods For Chin Acne

chin acne imageChin acne is very common especially among teens, sometimes the outbreak is limited just to this area and may just be a few zits or pimples, this may be considered mild acne, but even so steps should be taken right away to try and get rid of it.

The chin includes part of an area of the face known as the T-zone, as it includes the nose area and the forehead, thus making a Tee shape.

These areas in the T-zone are particularly prone to acne outbreaks, and this is probably due to the fact these areas have higher concentrations of oil secretion from the skins oil-producing glands, making it more likely that pores in these areas can become blocked, leading to blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

When carrying out your twice-daily cleansing routine pay particular attention to these ‘acne hotspots’ making sure you remove as much oil as possible, before applying an acne treatment of your choice, depending on the severity this could be an all over treatment or you may just treat the pimples with a spot treatment.

You are usually advised to avoid washing the face too often as it may cause the area to become too dry, so one solution for care throughout the day is too use cosmetic blotting paper, a small packet of this can be easily carried and used as necessary to blot the area and absorb excess oil.

Chin acne can usually be brought under control without resorting to more powerful prescription medications, unless of course you have tried everything imaginable but had no success.Benzoyl peroxide and or salicylic acid products will usually do the trick, these treatments can come in several forms and may applied as a wash, or in a toner or as cream or ointment.

As usual avoid touching the area with your hands as this can transfer and spread bacteria where you don’t need it.

You have probably read about the importance of diet in relation to your skin, and their seems to be more evidence emerging that this has some truth in it, despite experts telling us for years that there is no relationship between acne and diet, it now seems increasingly likely that there is.

It is suggested therefore that you take a look at what you are eating, basically you need plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrain products and cereals and pulses, and remove processed, junk foods, full fat dairy and refined sugars from your diet as much as possible, it may sound really boring but you will never know unless you try it; would you do it if a dermatologist told you it would clear up your acne? I bet you would.

Don’t forget also to drink plenty of water, this is important for skin health and chin acne in general and it helps flush toxins from the body as an added benefit.

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