Causes Of Acne – How To Treat The Symptoms


General Overview

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The causes of acne are generally thought to be related to hormone levels in the human body, it is an extremely widespread condition and affects many millions of people worldwide.

At the core of acne outbreaks are small oil glands that are found just below the surface of the skin, these are called sebaceous glands, and their prime function is to prevent the skin from becoming too dry, thus these glands produce a fluid known as sebum in order to prevent this event occurring.

Sometimes these sebaceous gland begin to over-produce sebum, and in a lot of cases this is usually one of the causes of acne outbreaks, it occurs because sebum can then become a magnet for dead skin cells, which then combine together to block the pores of the skin, this blockage can occur actually on the outside of the skin, and the blocked pore can then attract particles of dirt thus forming what is generally termed a blackhead, however if the pore becomes blocked under the dermis layer, this creates a build-up of sebum from below which in some cases can then become inflamed and form a whitehead, spot or more commonly a zit, which is what is usually associated with the condition of acne, but there are other terms used particularly by the medical profession to denote other types of spots, which can occur if the skin follicles then get infected by the natural bacterium that inhabit everyone’s skin, in this case the condition becomes mildly more serious as the sufferers spots may then become pustular (containing pus) in several different forms.

Causes In Teens

Traditionally the majority of teenagers go through a period of developing some form of spots on the skin, it is is still not totally understood but hormones play a major role in this, with testosterone being the prime cause, this hormone is present more in males than females and it is one of the major body-changing hormones that make up the bodily differences between puberty and adulthood.

Because many areas of the body are sensitive to various changes in hormone levels, probably due to the powerful effect they can have, it is beyond doubt that they significantly affect the sebaceous glands of the skin and cause the excess production of sebum, which in turn can be a cause of acne.

Causes In Adults

You may be surprised to learn that a disproportionate number of cases of acne affect women more than men, once again this is probably due to the many changes in the female body that occur throughout life, for instance as woman have the burden of a menstrual cycle this natural cycle can have many short term ill-effects and a sudden acne outbreak may be one of them, and also during early stages of pregnancy when a woman’s natural hormone levels are not stable, acne can suddenly become a problem, generally speaking this will clear up by itself like many pregnancy-related conditions in a short time, but the it may be possible to use certain products to counter the worst effects.

Certain people that may be taking prescribed medicines, particularly those containing steroids, can also have acne outbreaks triggered by their use, this will usually become apparent in a short time after treatment began, you may have been told of possible side-effects by your doctor beforehand, if not you should seek further medical advice from him or her to see if a different medication can be obtained.


Treating the symptoms of acne may take some time, so some patience will be required while whatever the treatment is you are taking to cure your acne begins to work.

As you are now no doubt aware there are several contributing factors to the causes of acne, and hopefully you will find some help for your condition here.

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