Castor Oil Acne Treatment – Simple And Sometimes Effective

Overview Of Castor Oil As An Acne Treatment

castor oil acne treatment imageIt sounds contradictory using an oil for this purpose but using Castor oil as an acne treatment is a remedy that has been around for many years and in some cases it can prove quite effective, there is no guarantee of course so one will have to give it try.

It might be of interest to know that Castor oil is actually obtained from the seed of the castor plant, Latin name Ricinus communis, the seed is actually called a ‘bean’ but this plant is not related to the bean family.
The oil itself looks like any light vegetable oil in color, with only a slight smell, it tastes awful because it is oil.
Castor oil has been used a lot in medicine it is not as popular today but it still makes a devastating laxative!

Fortunately for the acne sufferer it is not required to drink it, in this case it is applied to the face as a cleanser, this is nothing new of course and dates back to ancient times.

For this purpose the best way to use it is to mix it with another oil product, there are several recommended for this purpose including olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil, Tea tree oil is also good.

There are several ways to use this method and to some extent it will depend on how oily your skin is to begin with. A starting mixture may be 75% olive oil, this needs to be the pure extra virgin variety, and 25% Castor oil, if your skin is really oily increase the Castor oil component. You may use it by itself but the oils mixed with may also offer some benefit in their own right.

Now that you have the oil mixture it is time to gently apply it to the affected areas, makes sure you hands are clean before you start and carefully massage it into the skin using a circular motion do this for a couple of minutes.
The next step is to apply a fairly warm towel or washcloth over the area for a minute or so until it is cold, then gently wipe the excess oil from the face or wherever using the cloth, it is best to use a really soft one for this if possible.
When this is done apply a couple of drops of any of the oils you have been using to moisturize the face a little more.

The second method is only for the face, it is a little bit more involved but is probably better if you have the time.
This time you need a bowl of boiling water over which you can lean over with a thick towel over your head and allow the rising steam vapor to open up all the pores on your face.

After a few minutes the pores should be fully open, now gently go over the face with a damp washcloth onto which has been placed a few drops of the castor oil acne treatment, concentrate more on any problem areas and add a little more oil to the cloth as necessary.

Once the area is thoroughly covered wash the face with warm water and remove all the oil that you have applied, you may need the help of a very mild soap here to help dissolve the oil, baby soap is good for this. Once all the oil is off you must now close the pores up by rinsing your face in cold water, pat dry when done.
When properly dry apply a few drops of Castor oil to the skin and smooth in, do not use too much as you will be going to sleep with this on your face overnight.
In the morning wash the face again or use your normal acne cleanser, don’t forget to apply a good acne moisturizer when you have finished.

Ideally you need to carry out this procedure every night, it’s a bit of a rigmarole but if your acne is real problem it may just be worth it.
In the unlikely event that using a castor oil acne treatment makes your condition worse stop using it immediately, but in most cases it will be fine.

Because of its medicinal properties and particularly for skin problems it is often used as ingredient in soap, the reason for this is that it help prevent the skin from drying out from the alkaline properties of the soap, this maybe another reason Castor oil as an acne treatment is a good idea.

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