Blue Light Treatments for Acne | Blue And Red Laser Light Therapy

Overview Of Blue Light Treatments For Acne Sufferers

blue light treatments for acneOne of the latest technologies to be made available are blue light treatments, for acne as well as method to help boost the appearance of the skin in general.

Certainly most women want to have nice looking skin, and they want to keep it looking youthful for as long as possible, and it goes without saying that people suffering with acne are always looking for something that can rid them of the condition.

If it works then this kind of therapy may be just what you are looking for, it is of course painless and non-invasive and units are available that can be purchased for home use and the treatment is also available as a service in beauty salons and other places.

So whether you are looking to help treat your acne or would like to try and reduce the lines and wrinkles on your face then this procedure may be worth a try, as it is comparatively inex[ensive when compared to other procedures.

How Does Blue Light Treatment Work?

Without going into the technical wizardry, which is beyond the scope of this site, there will probably be many people curious as to how a bright light shone onto their skin has the ability to achieve any results or do any good at all. The idea behind this treatment is that the intense light penetrates down through the layers of the skin and actually stimulates the cells in the skin promoting collagen production which will in turn help to make the skin look more attractive. Apart from blue light, red light may also be used depending on what the recipient is receiving the therapy for.

Blue light treatments for acne are also being used for other skin conditions too such as eczema, the theory here is that the intense light will help kill the subsurface bacteria that is causing the acne. The theory may seem a little far-fetched, but it is true that certain wavelengths of light can actually kill certain living organisms, UV light for instance is used to kill algae in fish pond filters.

As it is the bacteria that causes acne breakouts, and also areas of infection deep within the skin causing pimples, pustules or cysts, it can be seen that by eliminating the bacteria as much as possible, then the sufferer stands a much better chance of getting rid of acne, without resorting to prescription drugs that seek to do the same thing, but that are not without some potential risk of side effects.

With blue light treatments this risk is removed and no powerful drugs need be taken internally, nor may there be any need to apply strong chemical compounds such as salicylic acid to the surface of the skin. If you want to try light therapy to treat your acne there will likely be several places in your local area that include this service as well as your dermatology clinic. Blue light treatments for acne are not particularly cheap though and you will likely need more than one visit, if you decide to go this route it may pay to but your own unit that you can use at home.

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