Best Household Remedies For Acne

Yet More Of The Best Household Remedies For Acne

best household remedies for acneThere are many reasons why people seek the best household remedies for acne, primarily it may be they are short of funds and want to try some traditional home preparations first to see if they have any effect before spending out on commercial products.

Others may seek to try and clear their acne using only natural organic products as they baulk at the prospect of using synthetic drugs.

Then there may be people with very sensitive skin or even allergies that do not react well to any form of inorganic medication.

Whatever the reason for using traditional household remedies for trying to cure your acne there is absolutely no shortage of suggestions of what you may use, with most of them focused on fruit and vegetables to some degree.

There can be little doubt than many naturally grown products can help you have nice skin, even more so if you eat a lot of them as part of your diet, and they may help you in the fight against your acne outbreak when used regularly as part of your regime, but it is unlikely they will be of much help in serious cases when applied to the skin.

The reason that fruit and vegetables and other natural foods may work is because of their Vitamin content, as there is some evidence to support the fact that certain vitamins may have a very beneficial effect on the skin.

Vitamins may also be taken as a supplement to your normal diet to ensure your body is receiving the required daily amount. Lately vitamin B5 has become popular in some areas to combat acne and some people have had success when taking it as a supplement.

Other vitamins you need for good skin are vitamin A and vitamin E, always read the labels when taking vitamin tablets, B5 is considered safe at all levels, but others should be used as directed especially over long periods of time.

It is unlikely just taking vitamins tablets on their own will cure your acne, you will still need a good cleansing regime to clear the skin properly and a good diet with plenty of plain water to make sure the skin stays hydrated, and of course there is a good chance they will have no effect at all on you.

Some Of The Best Home Remedies

Probably one of the best known household remedies for treating acne is lemon juice, the reason it can be effective is it’s acidity, if applied regularly it can also be good at treating blackheads and pimples, as lemon juice can kill a lot of the bacteria on the skin that can aggravate acne, this cure is always worth a try as it is cheap and readily available.

Oranges can also be tried, but these are used slightly differently to lemons, firstly you can eat the orange itself or squeeze the juice out as you need the peel only for this remedy.

Put the peel in a blender and pulp it very fine, if necessary add a little water this can then be applied to the affected areas.

Orange peel may also be used as a mask, but to do this you will need to dry it out completely, probably in an oven is best, when it has no moisture left in it you can then grind it to a powder and mix it with a little flour and water which can then be applied as a mask, leave on until dry and rinse off with water, although this method is a little involved it has been known to work.

For something a little less messy but a little more smelly you can try using garlic, cut a clove in half and rub it gently into the affected areas several times a day, hopefully you will see some results with this, but this method is not really suitable if you have to go and about. If you like garlic, include it regularly in your diet as it will also help to clean toxins from your blood.

Other old favorites are tomatoes and cucumber, thinly sliced and applied all over the face for around a quarter of an hour, your may have to lie down or it will fall off.

Another natural acne remedy used in Asia in particular is Fenugreek, which is a herb used in cooking.

This remedy is a little more trouble firstly you need to put the leaves in a blender and make a paste with them, but it needs to be applied all over your acne every night just before going to sleep, thus it is left of overnight and washed of the next morning. Fenugreek has quite a few therapeutic qualities and should not be overlooked or discounted from your trials, it may surprise you, furthermore it can also be used in the same fashion as a preventative measure against acne outbreaks.

These are some of the best household remedies for acne and pimples, but their are many more that you can try see the links below.

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