Top 7 Acne Treatment Systems 2011 – 2012

Here we have a round-up of the most consistent acne treatments of 2011 and they will probably be unequaled in 2012 as well.
There are many systems on the market and it has to be said that some of these are ineffective, so in order to help acne sufferers make an informed choice, this page has a selection of acne treatment systems that have consistently proved to effective over a period of time, and that are regularly given genuine appraisals by the many people who are actually using or who have used the products in question.

The systems that have made it onto this list have been selected because of their overall performance and ratings, that is not to say however that they will work for everyone, and all of these products have of course received negative reviews from the people that the products had no effect on, or may have had an adverse reaction on, although it should be remembered that many of these products contain strong active ingredients that will sometimes have side effects on the skin after application, this is inevitable, and should be anticipated by the user, all of these products contain advice on proper usage to get the best results.
The big advantage over using these systems is that they are all applied externally and you are not filling your body with powerful synthetic drugs, which may be your last resort if nothing else works.

The listings are random and not in any order of preference. This list should not be considered an advertisement or endorsement of any product and is for information purposes only.

Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System


The Neutrogena Complete Acne

Therapy System consists of three parts, which include a medicated skin cleansing lotion that uses the power of salicylic acid as its active ingredient and skin exfoliator, this removes dead skin cells and help the pores to remain clear.Also included is a non-comedogenic sunscreen for use during the day, this is essential if using acne treatments that contain
ingredients such as these, as they may be reactive to sunlight.The third part of the Neutragena system is for the main assault on acne bacteria, this contains benzoyl peroxide, which is one
of the most effective acne remedies, when combined as system these products together reduce  inflammation and help to bring your acne under control. Made in the USA  four out of five star rating.

AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment System

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AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment System from University Medical, is, as its name indicates for severe acne, this is arguably one of the strongest available without prescription, be warned though the ingredients are very concentrated around 10% benzoyl peroxide with Retinol, so if you have sensitive skin or only mild acne you probably should go for something a bit less potent.

This is a complete system that is in four parts and it is important that the directions for use are followed as given.All fout items are used two times a day for the first week, in the morning and at night, and for the second week this is reduced as per the instructions with the product.

AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment has been developed especially for those severely afflicted of all ages and skin variations, who have tried just about everything else to cure their acne and have had little success, the makers claim a rapid improvement to your condition in just days and even go further saying it is more powerful and faster than another leading acne product Proactiv.

The Regimen: Complete Acne Treatment

The Regimen Complete Acne Treatment Kit is a three part complete treatment that includes a medicated cleanser, moisturizer and main agent based on Benzoyl Peroxide.This is one of the costlier systems on the market but it seems to work very well for the people who have tried it, the makers take pain to point out that this is a system, and in order for it to be effective the instructions for use must be followed exactly if
you are to achieved best results with it.Once again the main product is quite strong so you should probably avoid it if you have sensitive skin, and apparently the moisturizer that forms part of this system is not well-liked by users, but if it works for you that becomes a minor detail.

Exposed Acne Treatment – Basic Kit

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The Exposed Acne Treatment System is another top notch product with very high user ratings, it is also one of the higher-priced treatment kits which may put it out of reach for some people.

Exposed also comes in four parts including a cleanser and skin tonic, both medicated with salicylic acid, a night treatment gel also containing the same, and the main treatment serum that once again uses Benzoyl Peroxide as its active ingredient.
The Exposed Acne Treatment system is perhaps not quite as potent as some other products, therefore it may be a more suitable product for people with sensitive skin if the others are too strong.

Proactiv Solution Micro-Crystal Acne Kit

Proactiv is one of the best known acne treatments, some people swear by it, others have had little success and  many have said it really dries out their skin, perhaps because of this it has been reformulated and is now the Proactiv Solution Micro-Crystal Acne Kit.

The Proactiv Solution Micro-Crystal Acne Kit (2 Month Supply)  is a three part system including a cleanser, toner and the main treatment lotion which is Benzoyl-based, this perhaps used to be one of the best complete acne treatments but it may have been overtaken in popularity and effectiveness by its competition, time will tell if the new formula is more effective.


CareNatural Tea Tree Acne Treatment System

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For Acne sufferers who need something a little more gentle there is the CareNatural Tea Tree Acne Treatment System.

This is a three part system that uses the natural antibacterial properties of Tea Tree oil to great effect, this product is perfect for people with sensitive skin or who react badly to Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid products as it contains none of these harsh chemicals but relies on the remarkable properties of oil Tea Tree to clear away acne.

The CareNatural system includes a face wash, a facial toner, and face cream there are two sizes of each and they all contain
Tea Tree oil for maximum effect.The CareNatural system is naturally quite expensive as you would expect from an organic product, but if you cannot use harsh
treatments this is definitely worth a try as the effect of Tea Tree oil can be very beneficial to your skin.

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit

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The Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit is a three part system, that includes a Benzoyl peroxide cleanser plus a salicylic acid moisturizer and spot treatment, this is one of the cheapest kits available.This product is perhaps best suited to mild acne conditions for those with just a few spots or pimples, as the spot treatment in the kit is intended for just that, for the price this product is a worth try for mild outbreaks of acne and is maybe the first choice for teenagers.

It seems likely that what were the best acne treatments 2011, will continue to be successful for the majority of users that buy them, and it would not be surprising to see the same products in the line up for next year as the best acne acne treatments of 2012.