Best Acne Treatment | What Is The Best Way To Treat Acne?

Overview Of The Best Acne Treatment Products

clean and clear acne control kit imageWhat is the best acne treatment?, there is no definitive answer unfortunately as many people have treated their acne successfully using all manner of different products, including home remedies but there can be little doubt that the most consistent and effective are based on the use of Benzoyl Peroxide, closely followed by Salicylic acid.

Usually a premium acne treatment will contain either or both of these two compounds as they are responsible for clearing the majority of mild to medium acne cases, many people have had success with other remedies of course, and there are probably just as many who cannot use these chemicals because they have sensitive skin.

neutrogena complete acne therapy system imageThey can cause a few minor problems for the user such as redness of the skin, flaking, peeling and sometimes a burning sensation, and of course there are people who have an aversion to them, but that aside they are still considered the safest and best acne treatment for many people.

It is no coincidence nearly all commercial products destined for the acne market generally contain at least one of these two ingredients because the makers are well aware that they can and do work when they are trying to ensure their product becomes the foremost acne treatment available.

It is likely that many people are looking for an instant overnight solution to their acne, and this is hardly surprising because of the stress it can cause the sufferer, unfortunately as many folks will know this is not a problem that can be cured so quickly, even a first-rate acne treatment may take several months to become effective at controlling your condition.

Acnezine acne treatment cream imageWhat you choose to use will depend on the seriousness of your condition, and your type of skin there are dozens of products available, some good and some not so good, and this becomes a problem for the sufferer, there are just so many it is difficult to know what to start with.

Trial and error seems the only way to go, recommendations from others are not much use to you really, although they are given with nothing but the best intentions, their choice of the number one acne treatment that cleared their acne problem may not be suitable or very effective for you.

So perhaps the right approach is to research a bunch of first-class acne treatment products and start trying them out for yourself, fortunately I have saved you the research time by trawling various websites seeking out only those products with the best success rates.

clearzine acne supplement pills imagePersistence is probably the key, many people may stop using the products if their skin starts to exhibit some of the side effects mentioned above, but it will take a little time for the skin to become accustomed to these compounds especially those with Benzoyl, so therefore it is advised to start off with weaker strength products and gradually increase it as time goes by, even the best acne treatments need time to take effect.

It will also help if other lifestyle factors are taken into account, a proper diet is important for good skin, and although it may not cure acne it will certainly help your skin enormously it is properly nourished and hydrated, reducing stress in your life will also be beneficial in more ways than one.
Even a top-rated acne treatment can only treat the symptoms, so help your skin as much as you can by reducing the stress on it.

Blackheads, Whiteheads and Pimples

acnetix acne wash imageMost teenagers suffer from these at some point, if not taken care of they can develop into acne. All three of these pesky varmints are initially caused by blocked pores on the skin, incidentally blackheads are not caused by dirt, the black ‘head’ is caused by the melanin in dead skin cells.

So to prevent any onset of infection in the pores of the skin, thus pimples and zits, you have got to keep them thar pores clear. Sounds easy, and it is if you spend some time on it.

How do skin pores become blocked? I here you say, well it’s goes like this…

Facial enemy number one is excess natural oil (sebum) on the skin, mixed with enemy number 2, dead skin cells and enemy number 3 dirt and grime, all mixed together with the microscopic P. acnes bacteria that occurs naturally on the skin and there you have a recipe for an acne disaster waiting to happen.

What to do about it?


exposed acne treatment kit imageOily skin: If it’s caused by hormones it’s possible to help control it with medication, but that’s not necessary if you don’t have acne. In this case have a daily cleansing routine, and regularly throughout the day wipe off or blot the excess oil from your skin, do not be tempted to keep washing your face, you will dry the skin and make it increase oil production.

Use a mild medicated cleanser twice a day, morning and night, or as per the label to:
(a) get rid of excess oil
(b) clean off dirt and grime
(c) deep clean the skin’s pores
(d) kill off a lot of acne-causing bacteria


Exfoliate the skin regularly, doing so will remove dead skin cells, some cleansers may contain an exfoliator, if so you will not need to do it as a separate operation using pads, facial masks etc, or try the Astara Blue Flame purification mask!


proactive acne treatment system imageWhen done with the cleansing operation moisturize the skin with a good acne-formulated
moisturizer, yes! even with oily skin, do not skip this step even if you are a guy, keeping the skin well hydrated will slow oil production and help counter the drying effects of the cleanser.

Yup, water your skin from the inside by drinking plenty of water, not coffee, tea or soda, just plain old H20, bottled or tap.

Do not wash your face with ordinary bar soap – that’s a big no-no, all sorts of nasties in it, high alkalinity which will upset the pH balance of the skin (more sebum production) and chemicals that hold it together will block your pores, got it?
Watch what you eat, a proper diet helps you to have good skin.

If You Are Prone To the Odd Outbreak

Acnexus bottle imageUse the regime above or adapt it as necessary, and attack any spots or outbreaks immediately with a spot treatment, try and figure out what might have triggered it if you can, perhaps stress, or some type of food you ate.

For a single spot or pimple, my ninja method is this:

Use an ordinary antiseptic cream like Germolene, put a blob on a clean fingertip and gently rub it into the spot, do this several times a day, it will dry the skin so only put it on the spot, wipe off the excess.

If You Have Mild Acne Already

In this case you might be able to treat it with a home remedy, like lemon juice, baking soda, apple cider vinegar or Tea tree oil or an over the counter acne treatment cream or lotion from the pharmacy. Even a medicated lotion can sometimes be enough providing you apply as part of a regime.

For Mild Acne Try Out These Home Acne Cures

Moderate Acne Conditions

murad acne complex kit imageYou are likely already taking some action on it, and if you are not having any success, try another type of treatment, don’t forget you should use any product for 1 to 2 months to see improvement, you will not be acne free in 3 days.

Severe Acne Treatment

Chances are if you have cystic acne you have already tried everything with no success, as it’s unlikely even any of the better commercial treatments will help. Your only real hope lies with prescription medications, laser treatment or surgery, but you should ask a dermatologist about their recommended acne products.

Some of these prescription-only medications can work wonders for your acne and in many cases be totally successful, females may even be able to use some types of contraceptive pills, as these are known to have an adverse effect on acne.

Nanocleanse treatment imageSome form of surgical procedure using lasers may be an option for very severe cases, this can prove quite effective but of cause can cause some pain and discomfort for some considerable time afterward, as it involves burning away some of the skin tissue.

There are also other surgical options on which your specialist will advise you on, but you probably are aware that any form of surgery especially using lasers, the cost is going to be very high and run into thousands of dollars as more than one treatment may be required, and unfortunately by their nature these types of procedures will likely not be covered by any health insurance you may have.

Recommended Products And Kits

biore acne treatment tube imageAcne is such a widespread problem an enormous market has been built around products to treat it, sadly, many don’t work at all, and dash the hopes of folks using them yet again.

Here are some leading acne treatment brands that are proven to effective, starting with one of these should at least prevent you buying many useless products, they are not guaranteed to work for you of course but should give you a good starting point.

The crucial thing is that you take action immediately acne is noticed and start treating it before it gets worse.

Top Products

  • Proactive
    Revitol Acne.zine
    Pronexin (formerly Zyporex)
    Exposed Acne Treatment
    Neutrogena Products
    The Regimen
    Natures Cure
    Obagi Clenziderm
    Acne Free

I researched and refined this list even further according to consumer reports, you can see the results here:  Top Seven Acne Treatment Kits 2012


In cases where the above products and any other over the counter remedies you may have tried failed to have any effect on your skin, then is the time to visit your doctor for some form of prescription medication, he or she will evaluate your condition and perhaps prescribe some oral antibiotics, which may or may not be used in conjunction with other topical treatments they will advise you to apply.

Probably The Best Acne Treatment In The World – But With The Most Risk

The best acne treatment at least in terms of its proven effectiveness is without a doubt the drug Isotretinoin, more familiarly known as Accutane, but it should be noted this is only prescribed for very serious cases when all other possible treatments have failed.

The reason it is not more widely used is no doubt due to the side effects that this medication can cause. Isotretinoin itself is systemic by nature, this means that taken internally it can affect all parts of the body and that includes vital organs, it is also known to cause birth defects.

You may see Accutane  available for sale online, NEVER use it without medical supervision.

This medication is approved for use by the FDA, but it can only be prescribed by a Dermatologist and people taking it are carefully monitored for their general well-being.
Only the recipient can decide whether or not to take the risk by using this drug though and these will be thoroughly explained by your health care professional, there is no way of knowing what the effects of the best acne treatment will be on each individual.


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