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Overview Of a. Cosmetica

Avoiding Cosmetic Acne imageThis article looks at avoiding cosmetic acne; Cosmetics and acne go together like peaches and engine oil, no matter what type or brand you may use, that may be guaranteed not to induce breakouts, there will be someone somewhere who disproves the point, so the best makeup for acne is no makeup – Oh! if only life were that simple, that statement is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard in the real world, and it is actually a paradox, the use of cosmetics or makeup can be the trigger that cause you an attack of this cursed condition, and at the same time it is often applied to try and hide it from the outside world by those those already afflicted by it.


Avoiding Chemical Triggers

The condition actually has a medical name,  Acne cosmetica and it is caused by the repeated application of certain cosmetic ingredients to the skin, and although this is a very mild condition, using the wrong type of makeup can lead to acne vulgaris, in some cases. Therefore for many avoiding cosmetic acne can become an obsession, and with good reason.

A vast percentage of beauty products may contain at least one of the ingredients that can trigger acne, and they are often added to ensure the product has the best performance, but to be fair to the makers many do a lot of research and spend a lot of money trying to manufacture products that do not cause acne, this is very difficult however as there are a myriad of ingredients that may become problematic.It comes as no surprise therefore that the condition a. cosmetica affects those places on your face where the most makeup is generally applied.

A.  cosmetica may also take quite some time to develop, leading the wearer to believe the outbreak of small bumps that can be very irritating may be caused by some other factor, and with the person unaware of what is causing the problem to their skin they may carry on using their favorite cosmetics regardless, thus making the condition very persistent, fortunately for the vast majority, unlike more serious forms, a.cosmetica does not leave behind scars when it eventually clears up. Nevertheless avoiding cosmetic acne in the first place is the best route to go.

What To Steer Clear Of

To most women and teenage girls, not wearing any makeup would make them feel they are walking around naked, it can be very distressing and to this end to say stop wearing it is just not really helpful, so the best advice and a compromise is to only wear it if you absolutely have to, and then make sure you only use products that are labeled as non-comedogenic, as although not perfect they do offer a greater degree of protection from breakouts.

If there is no way you really cannot do without the wearing of makeup for whatever reason then to give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding any possible problems with a. cosmetica there are at least a few precautions you may take.

Makeup Products To Watch Out For

  • As mentioned above always make certain that anything you put on your skin is not going to cause pore blockages, this is vital in the prevention of  acne as you probably are already aware, and of course there is a huge list of ingredients that are known to irritate the skin or to cause allergies, alcohol bases that are often used for perfume are the main culprits here, therefore look to use un-perfumed products and especially those classed as hypo-allergenic, or allergy free.
  • Most but not all oily products are usually best avoided although some of these are fine to use even if you have oily skin, Tea Tree oil is especially good although products using this are generally quite expensive.
  • Be careful too in the use of blusher, this may contain the natural mineral mica, which can cause pore blockage, this is used generally for the pleasing sparkly effect that
    it gives, but it will be best to forgo that and switch to a plain blusher instead, also they may contain certain coloring ingredients that may also be irritants.
  • It is best to use dry powder or gel as a blush rather than a cream, although this is generally used by older women as it gives better coverage for their thinner skin.
  • Foundations if applied should also be as light as possible and applied sparingly.
  • Lipsticks and lip gloss are inherently greasy, and may contain substances that are bad for your skin altogether as regards pore clogging,  perhaps here you could change your look and use a matte lipstick, as these type of lip products are less likely to cause a problem.
  • Hair-care products are probably overlooked by most as being a potential cause of irritation, but many of these are packed full potential irritants so try and keep all of these products off your facial skin, especially hairspray and perm solutions, this will be especially true if you are doing your own styling as it will be more difficult to control any runs, drips or overspray.
  • Remember also if you like to keep fit or do any activities that cause you to perspire, the sweat carry chemical residues from these products onto your skin which if left on may cause irritation, therefore it is advised to thoroughly wash the skin directly after such activity.
  • As a final snippet of advice here watch out too for sunscreen ,some of these are very oily,ensure you get a specially formulated one to suit.

Final Tips

There is a separate page on this site covering the best acne moisturizers to use, this will give you a good list from which to choose from, if you have acne already then you will probably want to use a concealer at some point you can find them here.

One last thing on this subject,  like most medical problems nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems and acne cosmetica is no different in this respect because it can exhibit the symptoms of various other unrelated conditions, your doctor or skin specialist will be able to advise you further on this as it is beyond the scope of this article.

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