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Introduction To Acne Treatments Tactics

This article is a general overview of acne treatments and tactics that may be used to try and eradicate the problem, the page links go to other areas of the site that go into greater detail
There are many different types of acne, and consequently there are hundreds of acne treatments products available to help to to cure it, from prescription drugs to home remedies, while many of the generally available can effect a cure for many people, there are many cases where only prescribed medicines from a doctor will be of any use to the sufferer.

Often teenagers are the worst hit because of changes in their hormone levels, but there are other causes of acne that are not always so obvious, and it will certainly help with the treating the condition if you are able to find out the root cause of the outbreak.

For many, the most distressing and depressing condition is face acne, obviously because this is where it is most visible, it can take a long time to clear up completely depending on its severity, especially if it becomes cystic or nodular acne, which are the most severe. Of course, it is not just the face that may give problems, it can occur in many areas of the body, and chest acne is also quite common as is back and scalp acne especially in males.

Arguably the best way to try and prevent acne forming is to make sure first of all that you look after your skin as much as possible, and this begins with healthy diets and good hydration, by ensuring you are drinking enough water, fruit juices, sodas and beverages do not count, it must be plain water this will help remove many impurities from your body as well as making sure all other organs work as they should.

Make sure you have a good skin cleansing regime that you follow and carry out all the steps properly with no skimping, there are many good acne skin cleansers that will help you clean your skin properly and it will pay to invest in a good one best suited to your own skin-type. Good acne moisturizers are also essential, once again find one that suits you and stick with it, they are best if they are light and non-greasy.

For women you will also need the right makeup, this will go some way to avoiding cosmetic acne which is a condition that can become a problem if one uses a product that blocks pores, this is not easy however as there is a huge list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid .

The important thing with this condition is to take early action to try and prevent it becoming any worse, blackhead removal and getting rid of pimples should be a major priority, as acne often begins with these.

There are many home remedies that you can try if you are short on cash, many of these can often work on mild conditions, even a natural acne remedy which have been used for many years and continues to be popular as word spread about its effectiveness for some people. If you are going to be using products like benzoyl peroxide then good quality acne sunscreens should be worn, with a high sun protection factor.

Chinese medicine, including acupuncture treatment is also currently being used by some, there is little doubt that Chinese medicine is effective, but unfortunately the ingredients used in the various preparations can work out expensive.

Finding out how to treat acne is not hard, the problem is finding the right treatment that will work for you, you may find yourself doing a lot of testing of various acne cures, and although it takes some time, if you can find something that works without resorting to prescription medicines such as birth control for acne medications, then all the better for you.

Never be tempted to treat yourself by buying generic drugs online, there are inherent dangers to doing this not least because some drugs should not be taken without supervision by a doctor, this page about buying prescription drugs online will give you more information about this.

The ultimate drug for curing acne is probably Isotretinoin, better known as Accutane, whilst this medicine can be very effective for very serious cases (grade 4)of acne, it is very unfortunate that this drug has many side effects, some of them potentially serious. Never buy this product online.

If you have tried many different things and nothing you used seemed to have any effect, it is time to visit a dermatologist for an expert opinion of your condition, they will then be able to offer either prescription medication, or perhaps some form of surgical procedure, this could be nothing more than a course of injections or if particularly bad various laser acne removal treatments, many of these procedures however are likely to be very expensive, particularly the latter.

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