Acne Scar Remedies | Can You Get Rid Of Acne Scarring With A Home Remedy?

Acne Scar Remedies – Do They Work?

acne scar remedies imageMany people ask if there are any acne scar remedies, which probably infers that is there anything they can use at home that will get rid of them.

Unfortunately the short answer to this is no, there is nothing that you can put on your face that will remove the scarring caused by acne, you may be able to apply some home remedies to the skin that will make it healthier and maybe plump it out a little so the effects of the scarring are less noticeable, but the only thing that will permanently improve the look of your scars is some form of surgical procedure, such as laser acne removal, which of course is prohibitively expensive for may people although there are some cheaper techniques that may work if the scars are not too bad.

This article, getting rid of acne scars will give you a better understanding of what is available if you choose to go down this route.

There seems to be an influx of products on the market claiming to banish acne scars, and although these products are probably marketed with the best intentions, there is a lack of published scientific evidence to back up the makers claims, other than perhaps “…contains ingredient X that is proven to reduce the effects of …”
There is no doubt that some of these products will help you skin feel better and may improve your complexion but they are unlikely to clear your acne scars permanently especially severe ones, if it were the case such products would be recommended by dermatologists everywhere and that is not the case, even the professionals do not have acne scar remedies that can be applied as a cream or powder.


Lacking Funds – Cheapest Scar Remedy Option

Without the necessary funds the best you can hope for is to maybe use some of the products that help to plump up the skin, so-called anti-aging products and then apply some good quality cosmetics to lessen the effect of the scarring, well at least if you are female.
For guys the situation is kind of hopeless if you are concerned about the way you look, some form of surgical procedure is really your only option, so you should maybe have a consultation with a dermatologist for a professional opinion on what you could have done and the likely cost.

Remedies You Can Try At Home

There are a couple low cost acne scar remedies you can try at home, these are fairly well home acne treatments but they can have some effect on the appearance of the skin for some people.
You can try some lemon juice, apply this to the face for about a quarter of an hour then wash it off.

Tomato slices can also be used apply these all over the scarred area for about half an hour, there are some powerful natural ingredients in tomatoes, including Vitamin A which can be very beneficial for the skin.

Try as many things as you can, the more you put into to looking after you skin the more it can do to repair itself from damage but this will only work up to a point, don’t get your hopes up that you will have beautifully clear skin again because you will be disappointed if you do not get the results you hoped for.

You have to persevere with these home acne scar remedies, applying them everyday for a long while before they may have any effect, one tip I can give you is to get someone to take a close-up picture of you face with a good digital camera, (a cellphone is no good, it needs to be high resolution) and then a month later take another identical one, (make sure they are taken in the same place with the same lighting conditions) then you will be able to view them on a computer or TV screen and determine if there is any improvement and whether or not your efforts have been worthwhile.



For more on home remedies for acne use this link, you may also find something you can use here on the natural acne remedy page.

Many of the things mentioned on these pages are geared toward actually getting rid of acne, but they may also improve the look of your skin considerably over a period of time.

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