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Acne Relief imageGetting acne relief can be something of a challenge, it depends on a number of factors including its severity and what may have been the cause.
If you just have a few zits or pimples you may be able to clear the problem with an over-the-counter remedy from the pharmacy, there will be a boatload of different treatments available but basically you will want something that is just applied to each spot.

You may also want to try some home remedies for acne as well, the application of ordinary toothpaste to a spot overnight can sometimes do the trick, just make sure you only apply it to the pimple and not your whole face as doing this can cause you skin problems.

Another product that may work well is an ordinary antiseptic cream such as Savlon or similar, having carried out extensive research for this site, rarely has this been mentioned, but if ever I get the odd inflamed spot this is what I use, using a clean fingertip, put a little blob on the end and apply to the pimple, gently massage it well in, do this twice a day and hopefully the inflammation and swelling. as well as the spot will disappear, this can dry the skin so wipe it off the area where it is not needed with a tissue, and don’t forget to moisturize.
There are many other methods you can use for acne relief it is just a question of finding one that works for you.

If your problem is more serious you will probably need to try a prescription acne medication such as an antibiotic, and of course these are also available as a topical cream.
If your acne suddenly appeared try and think back to what you believe may have caused it, for instance have you been eating spicy food that you are not used to eating, or eating sweet,sugary stuff like chocolate, being  under any sort of stress perhaps at work or studying for exams, changing your soap, washing powder or cosmetics including shampoos and conditioners, all of the things mentioned can be a trigger for acne, if you think it may be one of these then the solution may be stop doing whatever it was, although if it is stress-related experience has shown this is not so easy to fix, talking about your problems with someone you trust may help you considerably in relieving your stress.

So how else can you get acne relief? well there are umpteen products available, if your outbreak is not too bad then one of these are likely to sort it out, anything containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid usually works and these compounds usually form the basis for many acne treatments kits, these kits usually contain a cleanser and a moisturizer that are all designed to work together with the primary treatment to give you some relief from your acne.
Some of these treatments can be a bit harsh on the skin and cause a burning sensation and redness but once the skin gets used to their application this should go away.

You may not have lots of money to spend on commercial acne treatments and thus you will probably be keen to try the best home remedies for acne that you can find, there are hundreds of possibilities here and the problem is going to be working through them all, with that in mind it will probably be best to try out those that seem to work well first.
The common denominator with acne home remedies is that they have anti-bacterial properties so that they may kill the acne-causing bacteria present on the skin, the obvious things that spring to mind are Lemon juice, Lime Juice, Apple cider vinegar and baking soda, all of these have mild bactericidal properties, there are many other organic products that can be used too, some plants such as fenugreek and turmeric when applied to the skin as a paste can work.

Of course your acne may be hormonal especially if you are a teenager, the only way to control hormonal acne is with powerful prescription drugs, these will help control the production of oil from the glands on the skin which contributes greatly causing acne to form.

If you are not already doing so you need a really stringent cleansing routine for the skin it is important to keep it as clean and free of oil as possible without drying it out too much, hence the need for moisturizers, these are vital if you have acne even if you are male.

Your diet plays an important role in your health and a proper diet is important for good skin, although the link to acne has yet to be proven beyond all doubt it is looking increasingly likely, and in my humble opinion it does.
As well as diet drinking plenty of plain water is also essential for healthy skin, not only does it keep it naturally moisturized, drinking enough water will help flush toxins from the body and help the immune system by relieving pressure on it allowing it to get to work where it is needed most.

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