Hi Welcome to Acne Treatments Zoom

Sadly my original site here was destroyed by hackers and I had to rebuild it from scratch, it had taken over a year to build and I am very sad all my hard work was ruined but I am doing my best to put the pieces back together.

As a young teenager I suffered terribly from acne, which was all the worse for me being a girl, but with perseverance and the right treatments I eventually managed to overcome this nasty affliction, and vowed I would do everything I could to prevent it returning, so began my involvement in the Health and Beauty Industry.

After graduating from college I spent my early years working for a large well known cosmetics company, and I remained with them until my first child was born.

I then gave up work to concentrate on being a stay at home mom.

Whilst at home, I began learning about the internet and even how to put up websites, and from here is was a short step to setting up this site about acne, from which I once suffered,  to help people try and overcome the condition like I did, because I know how much stress and anguish it causes, especially to women and young girls.

I have drawn on some of my own experience with certain things for some of the material on this site, and where necessary have consulted my husband for his expert input.

Other useful resources that I found during my research have been accredited where they occur, this may be Wikipedia or any one of a number of medical sites.

It is my sincere wish that you will find all the information and advice you need here to banish your acne for good.